tornado doors

The tornado really brought a lot of people together in Tuscaloosa. I made a lot of real friends *because* of the tornado, in fact. I saw somebody posted somewhere about a month or so after the storm, and I can’t remember where or who said it, but it really was said best. “Regardless of how we treat each other every day, it’s good to know that when the shit hits the fan we’ve all got each other’s backs.”  I know a lot of other people who feel the same way.

One of my new friends is a neighbor who had some pretty dramatic initial destruction, followed by an all-out battle with the insurance company, followed by the demolition of the tornadoed house. And that’s where the project currently sits…building plans are drawn, fixtures are picked, and the lot is waiting.

As much as possible was salvaged from the house. I got the french doors. I am currently working on a design to use the doors to display some of the other photos I took of this house throughout the entire tornado process. There are 10 panes per door, and the doors will be fastened and hinged together to make a free-standing screen. (I have an idea to install LEDs, so then technically it would be a lamp, but…that may be ambitious.)

Both sides of the doors are different. On one side, the panes of one door are 10 various photos with stories from the 6 months between the tornado and the demolition. The second door on this side is 10 nice color high resolution photos of broken concrete block from the morning of final destruction.

The other side of the doors is 5 horizontal photos:

stretched all the way across both doors. It sounds complicated, but once you see it, it makes a lot more sense.


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