“this is a beautiful photo with nice colors and interesting perspective, but what is it? i’ve never seen anything like it.”

“it’s a picture of a rusty old trash compactor.”
“really? i never knew electron transfer and redox reactions could be so satisfying on an aesthetic level.”
and that’s how it starts, i hope. tell all your friends.

just some rusty old trash compactors

when i was up in madison, wisconsin last summer, i was visiting an old friend at her new shop, Dutch’s Auto Service, which is right next to where the old north farm used to be. there’s these 2 hulks out back, and they look a little bit rough. but i couldn’t help noticing how interesting the different rust patterns and paint layers looked.

if you hang one of these photos on your wall, you will eventually be asked what is this a photo of. ‘trash compactor’ is the easy answer, but will likely (hopefully) lead to some further discussion. i get asked this a lot and i’ve found some priceless value in thinking about what to say, but now my personal favorite part is listening to other people try to explain it.


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