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I’ve been so busy with the kickstarter fulfillment and getting ready for the show at kentuck next month, that I haven’t really had time to be out taking photos. It’s been really hot, so honestly it’s been ok with me to have things to do indoors. But today we had a big cooldown to 83 degrees because of some clouds. At the last minute, the sunset broke through and made some really irresistible light for me. So I started at the alamo house on the lake. It is looking pretty good!

For those people keeping track of how full the lake is getting, this dock is now in some water.

Then I went to go see the new Full Moon BBQ signage at sunset. I talked to one of the workers for a few minutes, it’s gonna be a pretty nice place.

I also have been wanting to get a closer photo of the billboard stumps we are all so familiar with because we see them every day, but always only while driving.

Of course, I had to go look at the new Krispy Kreme, since I was right there and all.

Cedar Crest neighborhood is still gone, pretty much.

Pretty nice sunset tonight.