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Only 6 days left to order the book! I have been working on putting it together. I was hoping to have a more exciting post with photos from the actual printing and binding of the first proof of the book. But…it’s not going to be perfected to my liking for a couple of weeks, and I’m not going to take it to the printer until I am satisfied it’s a solid quality proof worth printing. So, the only way to follow this book project, and actually own one of these awesome books when finished, is to become a backer now!

The printer has agreed to let me be very hands-on and take photos for the actual bookmaking process! It should be pretty interesting to follow and see close-up how this hardcover book is made. Wednesday, June 6 is the last day to add your name to the backer list and receive updates from this project. The book on it’s own is going to be a really nice piece of work that you will be glad to have on your bookshelf, and all funding goes to help me print, frame, and build the August Kentuck show. The other rewards are pretty nice also, but…I’ll be honest with you, I think the book is by far the best option. I didn’t realize it until after I launched this project, and I’m so glad that other people realized it even when I didn’t. I’m really quite very excited about it!

I’m just a poor grad student, so I don’t have money to advance print a bunch of these to sell one by one, so chances are good this could be the only chance you ever have to own one, because I’ll only have as many printed as I have orders for (plus one for my very own, of course.)