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Today I took a break from thinking about my kickstarter and book (I went to the printer on Monday, and the book is gonna be real nice. The printer said he will allow me to be very hands on for the actual production of the actual physical hardcover bound book, and also will let me take photos, so that’s coming right up in the very near future! anyway, sorry that’s a little long and off topic, i get distracted sometimes. you should get the book, though, it’s gonna be nice and totally worth $50, and the funds go to production of a really nice exhibition. anyway, sorry, again) to play around with some of the tornado debris I saved. For example, I have a huge collection of chunks of concrete from porches of demolished homes around Forest Lake. I did some physical therapy and moved a few of these chunks to my back yard and back porch. Just playing around with them now, but they should be a nice addition to the show.

I did a lot of battles with spiders. I saw some black widows, but was too busy slaying them all to take photos. Here’s a spider that is probably dead by now after I coated it in goo. Sorry, spiders. Usually I am kinder.

I had some boards (also tornado debris, but with an interesting story I will reserve for another time. Because, it really deserves it’s own post. It’s coming, and I have a point to make with it, about Home Depot. I think it will make my point nicely.) Anyway, I finally had a chance to clean these boards up, so I painted them (my wheelbarrow looks like I was carting around loads of headless zombie bodies.)

They made a nice little raised bed for the rock garden on my screened in back porch.


I got 4 cheap plastic pots, and sunk 2 permanently, so the other 2 I can take out to a sunny spot sometimes. I thought I would plant some catnip and some cat grass. For the cats. Dogs have their whole own yard.