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It’s almost time to launch the Kickstarter. But first, I have a photo from sunset this evening of a sundog over Forest Lake. So, that’s pretty cool. The lake looks a lot better with all that debris gone.

The other day, I met someone who went through Katrina. The way I found that out was because it had come up that I have a lot of tornado photos (we were taking photos together at the time, so it was a pretty natural conversation.) So after she said Katrina, I told her how we saw so many people here to help from NOLA in the days and weeks after the tornado, and how a lot of people here feel like people in NOLA understand what happened here. And she said some people in NOLA feel the same way about us.

This was the view from my bedroom one year ago today:

One of the cool Kickstarter rewards I have lined up that every backer will receive is a signed poster from the memorial service “out of chaos comes hope” on the one year anniversary.

The City of Tuscaloosa was gracious enough to give me hundreds of posters they had left over. They are quality printed and pretty nice. They look good in a frame, too.

I’m gonna be blunt here…what I’m really trying to say is, I’m about to ask the universe for a lot of money to make this exhibit happen. I have the Kickstarter project almost completely done and ready for approval. I am confident it will pass the test and meet all requirements, because I already submitted basically this same project before they changed the submission process so it has already been accepted once.  I have a lot of nice photos that I want to be out there on their own in the world for a really long time. So that when this whole tornado thing is long in the past and we’re all really old and Forest Lake came back so long ago that almost nobody remembers when we were coming back, people always remember what we came back from.

I thought I would give an advance preview of how I am setting it up. Basically, I decided to make the photos the City of Tuscaloosa picked for display at the Coliseum for the one year anniversary memorial service the Limited Edition Kickstarter series. These photos will be available just this once, and never again. I tried to get the actual foam boards used by the city, but those are going to be on display for awhile. So, this will be the only opportunity to have one of these 7 photos of your very own, signed by me. and I’ll never offer them for sale again.

Also, I will have a whole book of photos available from the first 30 days of life in the destructed zone (now known as the recovery zone.) Some of those photos will likely be in the show, but most will not. There’s a few good stories from those early days. Again, this will be a kickstarter special edition. It will be totally worth it! So look for the official announcement in the next few days. And, oh yeah…I am setting the end date to coincide with my birthday. The only thing I want this year is for this project to be well funded.