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Forest Lake is really looking a lot better, the cleanup has been impressive and speedy. Those guys really work hard! We should have a BBQ for them or something.

I found some photos from 2 weeks ago that I never posted. It seems like a good time to put them up now, because it’s a nice before and after (well, mid-after) comparison of how much the lake has been cleaned up.

April 20, 2012:

May 3, 2012, another drastic landscape change is the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree came down this morning:

Also, I have a few other forgotten photos from that day of some neighbors who thought the ducks might like some Fruit Loops.

No surprise bumping into Igor down at the lake this evening.

We laughed about the Coke bottle plumb bob in a new storm shelter and marveled at the acoustics (tough to get a photo of that) and heat…gonna need some ventilation maybe.

He showed me a pile of debris pulled out of the lake, the iron bits will get thrown in the mix this Saturday at Tannehill (woot!!) when some more tornado tubs get melted down and transformed into monuments.

It did not smell like honeysuckle on the island. 

They have an airboat at the site now, pretty cool, I wish I could take it for a spin.

Marsh buggy isn’t so clean anymore. (I heard today that this is the first job for this equipment. It was pretty shiny the day it showed up hahaha)

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