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Cleanup has commenced and is in full swing at Forest Lake!

I saw them working the southeast side of the lake this morning (ok, afternoon) on my way to the tailgate on Terriwood today. I saw it again when i walked home a few hours later. Progress!

Also, I saw where they cut the sidewalk and made their own Marsh Buggy Road.

And another thing I saw…this huge cloud of winged insects. So I followed it back to it’s origin…

Lots of people came out to Terriwood today, it was nice to see everybody!

I took a few photos on my way there, but when i saw so many people i thought maybe i should hurry in case they ran out of Full Moon BBQ. it wasn’t a problem though, and i think everybody had a fine time in spite of the heat.

On my walk back home, I took some photos of some debris, because I haven’t walked over this way since the city tore down the rest of the houses.

The Forest Lake Homeowners Association wants to make sure the ducks have someplace to retreat while the cleanup continues. These signs are pretty cute, tornado ducks are pretty smart.